C4C is here!

We have something really exciting to announce! For our first #createforcreativity campaign we've partnered with 4 artists to release 8 special edition A5/02 Neutrals. Each artist has illustrated the covers of 2 notebooks with unique, one-off designs (4/8 showcased above). All proceeds from the sales of these notebooks will be matched by us and donated to humanitarian architecture practice @article_25. The money will go to support the organisations work on schools and other essential buildings across Africa and Asia.

Create for Creativity is our new initiative to do more good with our notebooks and business. Our drive for a greener future is matched by that of a more equitable one. Through Create for Creativity we hope to do more in this stead. Some of the things we're most grateful for are the creative resources we've been fortunate enough to use and continue to have access to here in the UK (Schools, Art Colleges, lectures, groups, books, stationery etc). As firm believers of creative thinking being at the core of resilient societies, we wish to see it encouraged and nourished everywhere, including areas of our home continent, Africa.

Shout out to the incredibly amazing artists that donated their time and skills to bring this first campaign about. For ever thankful to:

Anna Gibb @agibb_
Phill Blake @philthblake
Jasmine Lo @sen.ddoods
Kathryn Lloyd @k_lloyd

Check out their work on their feeds. Find out more about our Create for Creativity campaign here.