We are designers in London working with bookbinders and suppliers across the UK. Together we deliver paper goods crafted with thought for people and the planet. We champion local production and the use of sustainable materials and processes. Our debut product, the A5/01 Notebook, is a passion project borne from an interest in the provenance and sustainability of paper products.

Port West Stationers is led by Khalifa Abubakar and Shaun Ihejetoh. It is the result of their appreciation of well-made stationery and desire to make creative practice more sustainable. The partners met as architectural students in Scotland. They run Port West and their architectural practice, West Port Architects, from their studio in London. The name Port West is a simple play on West Port, the street in Edinburgh their architectural workshops were as students.

Port West Stationers_Khalifa_Shaun

 Khalifa (left) and Shaun (right)  

The A5/01 is made with the help of the talented, Kent based, bookbinding team at Noted In Style. We first approached them looking to have some white-label notebooks branded for the office. After a few early conversations, and a eureka moment, we decided to make one from scratch instead.

Following more hours of dialogue and several prototypes the A5/01 took its shape. The notebook is manufactured in London and finished by the team in Kent. We source the recycled papers and boards from British and Italian mills and the woven fibre cloth covers from Cambridgeshire.

A5/01 is a representation of the design values we hold important. These include function (hard-backing, durable materials, lay-flat design, page numbers, rounded corners, ribbon and strap), beauty and form (textured finish, timelessness, emotion and identity) and sustainability (recycled materials, low-carbon footprints, transparent and accountable production and local manufacturing).