BLM (Black Lives Matter)

Posting this for today as it has really struck a chord with us this morning. Please take 10 min to listen to this video. It is available on Instagram via @56blackmen, here. It is of a powerfully articulated reflection on the death of George Floyd. 
BLM Video InstagramClick image to be redirected to the video.

As a business it's only too tempting for us to be silent on situations like that of George Floyd. It is the worry of taking a side, the fear of being bias, the worry about being called out as emotional. However, whatever the fear maybe it is actually quite irrelevant. We need to do better at accepting, respecting and living with each other. We are not fully aware of the ins and out of this particular situation, but we know it keeps happening, so on this, we do want to say, please don't be neutral, please don't be passive. Pick knowledge, take an hour to learn something new about those of a different background to yourself, ask the tough questions and have respectful debates about them. Take the effort to live outside your bubble from time to time. #socialsustainability